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Cranberry Lake is a lake on the East branch of the Oswegatchie River in the Adirondack Park in New York. It is the third largest lake in the Adirondack Park (after Lake George and the Great Sacandaga Lake). About 75 percent of the shoreline is owned by State of New York; the 118,000-acre Five Ponds Wilderness Area abuts its south shore, and the Cranberry Lake Wild Forest covers much of its remaining shoreline.

Points of Interest

Backpacking - Cranberry 50 

CL50, this 50 mile marked trail loops around Cranberry Lake providing a unique multi-day experience to the bold. 

Wanakena, NY

Nestled on the SW shores of Cranberry Lake you'll find a community like no other. Take a dip at the Beach/Public Dock, walk the footbridge, discover hidden benches along the Oswegatchie River and be sure to catch Nolan & Hannah at Otto's Abode.

Sandbar - on Cranberry

Accessible by boat this local gathering spot provides acres of sand beneath your feet. Average water depth is 1'-4' depending on water level.

Hiking - Bear Mountain

A 6 mile round trip hike provides expansive views of Cranberry Lake and the Five Ponds Wilderness Area. 

Clifton Community Library

A short stroll from Birch's you will find more than books at our Clifton Community Library. Check out books, tennis rackets/balls, enjoy the playground, basketball court or shade under the pavilion. Free parking located in the rear. 

Elephant Rock - on Cranberry

Accessible by boat, this small rock island provides a short thrill for the adventurous.  


Public Beach - on Cranberry

Located on the Northern tip of the lake and accessible by car off Route 3, this Public beach is often lifeguarded, provides picnic tables and charcoal grills.

The Ranger School -Wanakena

"Established in 1912, the Ranger School has trained over 4,000 students and earned a national reputation for Excellence."

Fishing - on Cranberry

Inside the 71 miles of shoreline you will find Brook Trout, Small/Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Sunfish and Bullhead.

Clifton Fine Golf Course

"A challenging 9 hole golf course with alternate tees, mens and ladies tees, golf cart rentals, pro shop, food, tournaments and more."

Sliding Rock - on Cranberry

Most easily accessible by boat; park and take a short hike into your own private swimming pool with rock slide. Locals know a boat cushion provides comfort down the estimated 100' natural rock slide.

"Big Pine" Trail -Wanakena NY

"At 4.5' in diameter, and 140+ feet tall the "Big Pine" is one of the largest virgin white pine trees in the Adk Park." The trail is  flat and 2.5 miles roundtrip starting in Wanakena.

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